Monday, September 03, 2007

Okay, so I'm finally back...

Well folks, I'm back.

After a long hiatus (if that's not a cliche, I don't know what is) life has regained some stability, even as the financial markets seem to have lost theirs. I'm back from training, travelling, holidays, and family visiting, and let me just say that the past few weeks have been incredibly hectic.

A couple of material developments:

1) After spending two weeks in the Big Apple, I've decided that while the city is great fun for shorter durations (i.e. up to two weeks) I really couldn't live there. It's far too hectic, too chaotic, quite grubby, and....well, too American. Also, I think I enjoy earning in sterling to be able to go spend in dollars - its SUCH fun! :)

2) I passed those exams I was studying for back in June... (so party time!!)

3) I've been frantically reading, watching movies, partying, holidaying, and (!) working as well. So some things to look forward to in the coming days:

A review of Chak De India (short version - it's very good, so go see it)

Some pictures from my latest trip to Wales (I'm not going to post NY pics, because that's too much of a cliche as well)

A couple of book reviews to get the ball rolling again...

Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaay you're back!!