Saturday, April 14, 2007

Loving the Land of the Pyramids

I was in Egypt for a couple of days this past week; not enough to really get around, but just enough to be able to see the Pyramids from the hotel in the daytime, and then attend the sound & light show in the evening. Work constraints meant that I could only attend the show that's done in French. End result is that I spent minutes listening about "le roi Tootanchamoon", "la pierre Rosette" & "la belle Neferteetee".... quite surreal, but nonetheless a fantastic experience. I really loved buzz that Cairo has; it seems like a fascinating place, and somewhere I have to go back to soon!

Looking from the Nile east over Mohandiseen towards the Citadel
Look familiar?
Cecil De Mille, where are you?
And they say Bollywood is colourful


Lotus Reads said...

Egypt! Cairo! The pyramids! Lucky,lucky you! We lived in the Middle East for the longest time but just didn't make the opportunity to visit Egypt. How I want to kick myself for not making the time.

Would love to go there some day!

Deepu Narayan said...

Expecting a much detailed travelogue.
and one about Istanbul..If u r planning to visit some time

The Buddha Smiled said...

Hey all,

If you're at all interested in Egypt, all I can say is, GO! I was so excited to be in Egypt it was hard to describe it in words. Unfortunately I was there on work so only had one evening to wander around the pyramids. Consequently, there's not much of a travelogue there, but watch this space for the Istanbul travelogue...

Take care,