Monday, June 15, 2009


Okay, I know I've been absolutely appalling at keeping this blog updated and fresh with witty, intelligent posts about life, the universe and everything. Instead of therefore putting forward arguments in my defence, I will humbly lower my head, say mea culpa, and apologise profusely.

I'm sorry. Mea culpa.

With that now out of the way, I can get to the more interesting news, and that is that I have to rewrite the "About Me" section on the side. The old version read,

The Buddha Smiled is a product of the global village, with a distinctly Indian flavour. Thanks to daddy ji's job, he grew up in four different continents, went to 10 different schools, and speaks about four different languages (though of what use Bhojpuri is likely to be in Argentina remains to be seen) He is currently doing the "right thing" with his life, which essentially means not giving it all up to go travelling (as if he hadn't had enough). "It" in this context includes working in a big bank in London, where he enjoys playing a cog in the great capital markets wheel. Pet hobby horses include Bollywood, Indian literature, current affairs, taking over the world with a hedge fund and a pencil sharpener, and trying to figure out what all this life stuff is REALLY about...

However, I have now actually STOPPED doing the "right thing" with my life, since I quit my job in March and am currently travelling the world (since I obviously haven't had enough!) So I've just returned to London after a month spent backpacking through Central and Eastern Europe, where along with a trusty Eurail pass I spent time in Krakow, Auschwitz, Warsaw, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Salzburg, Venice and Lausanne. Now its back to London for a few days before dashing off to India for a week and then hitting the South East Asian countries of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia....

My revised profile will be up on the side for you to see, and the banner at the top of this blog will also need to be redone since I am no longer a full-time banker. Oh joy!!